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Stop tolerating bad relationships

Stripin is a platform that brings a community of dancers, clubs, and club goers together just like a social network. Uniquely, Stripin integrates social with pay-for-content offerings that are fee free and with 100% payout.

A core value of Stripin is to provide a safe and supportive alternative for dancers so they can pursue their career without barriers.  Imagine a space free from fear of waking up to find your social account deleted and all your followers gone. Losing contact with your followers on social is similar to having your business closed without notice. Stripin eliminates this fear by using community standards that are in line with what you do. We also don’t exploit you by selling your content or data to third parties, nor do we make you sign away your content rights.

Stripin believes our platform gives you all the features necessary so you can be a success every night. Letting you be you is what is important to us.

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Let’s show you an example of a dancer’s profile page.  Just click on the button below and you can visualize your page along with our great features. can be accessed by smartphone. Just add us to your phone’s home screen to stay connected on the go.

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A unique platform with the following benefits

  • Your Career

    Competition is tough enough without worrying about losing your account and followers. Stripin gives you a platform that simply allows you to be you.

  • Totally Free

    Profit seeking pay-for-content sites can be expensive, taking 50% or more of your money. At Stripin, what you make is all yours. Fee free and 100% payouts.

  • Wider Appeal

    With a complete community under one roof, broaden your presence across the US and internationally. The potential to cultivate a new audience is unlimited.

  • Interactive

    Your profile is a hub for connecting. As you build a following, you can post messages, share upcoming performances, or just upload some booty shaking content.

  • Safe & Secure

    Stripin utilizes SSL technology to secure all data so you can trust us. We also do not sell data, your content, or you to anyone. Your rights always stay with you.

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